The design and finish of the exterior walls of a building are not just about aesthetics. The exterior of a residential or commercial building is of utmost importance because it offers strength to the building structure. While you meticulously plan the interiors of a home or apartment, you should also give serious attention to what the outside of the property looks like. Whether moving in or thinking to advertise a house to buyers, keeping the exteriors in excellent condition is essential.

Exterior renovation will immediately increase the overall value of a building or property. Think of exterior renovation or remodeling as a great strategy, if the homeowner is planning to sell the house soon. When buyers evaluate a house, the very first thing they see or that catches their sight is the finish of the exterior walls. It is easy to gauge what is inside a property by checking out its exteriors.

The good thing about property exterior renovation is that there is a suitable solution for every budget. For inspection and further details of what you should expect from a renovation project, you should seek the help of building exterior renovation experts. At CesConstruction, we specialize in the repair of stucco and EIFS wall claddings.

Get the Work Done Right, the First Time

Getting the exteriors renovated is a surefire way to convert an ordinary property into an extraordinary one. But the results depend on what kind of contracting company you decide to work with. You may find a number of contractors in or near your location. What is important is to choose to work with a renovation company which has highly trained and experienced professionals. You should hire the services of a contractor that gets the renovation done right, the first time. At CesConstruction, we remain committed to offering only premium quality products and materials for the renovation of any property.

Our focus always remains on enhancing the structural integrity as well as the aesthetics while ensuring that the solution we offer doesn’t exceed the specific budget. When carrying out an exterior renovation project, three things matter the most to satisfy the needs of clients.

These include: Quality of work Efficiency Communication Our comprehensive experience tells us how difficult it is to successfully manage a building exterior renovation project. That is why we have a well-defined procedure in place which aims to deliver the quality and efficiency that you desire. We make it all possible through timely communication.

Repair and Installation of EIFS and Acrylic Stucco

EIFS or exterior insulation finishing system is a type of wall system where an insulation board is a part of the wall construction. The system has several benefits to offer to homeowners including extra insulation outside the building as well as reduced air infiltration. A large number of residential and commercial properties have the EIFS system installed in their construction. Since the purpose of installing the EIFS is to control moisture and heat, the wall system extends the longevity of a structure.

During an exterior renovation project, the professionals conduct a thorough inspection of the old EIFS for any signs of damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, the wall system will either need a repair or the entire wall panel will be removed. If the damage is beyond repair, the entire EIFS system will need to be replaced with a new one. Whether it is a repair or a new installation, it requires experience and skills to carry out the project with effectiveness. Likewise, the damaged acrylic stucco painting will be fixed as per the extent of the damage. The installer will examine how small or large the crack is and then do a stucco patchwork.

In cases where a patchwork will look odd, our professionals will first scrape out the color and the second layer and then fill up the gap with a bonding agent. If the majority or a larger part of the acrylic stucco is damaged and it can’t be repaired, a new stucco will need to be installed. Stucco finish adds strength to the building structure and protects the exterior wall against harsh weather. That is why homeowners prefer to install a new stucco exterior during the renovation.


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Whether it is the acrylic stucco or the EIFS installation, the choices available to property owners in terms of color, design, and texture are huge. If the exterior of a house, condo, or apartment is in need of renovation, you should head straight to our office located in Edmonton.

Give our architectural engineers a phone call or send us an email for your consultation. We’ll come up with an ideal solution to renovate and restore the beauty of the exterior walls of a property.