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Exterior finishes for buildings have come a long way. At one time, the options for large exterior wall installation were limited. Today, the traditional techniques have been replaced with a wide range of modern techniques, which don’t only safeguard the structure of buildings but they also enhance the aesthetics.

Whether you want to protect the exterior from fire hazards or harsh weather, you’ll come across a variety of finishing products to choose from. One of the most effective among them is acrylic stucco.

Compared to the earlier system, the acrylic stucco finish has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. It is definitely due to the multiple benefits that acrylic finish has to offer.

If you are planning to lend a unique, modern look to the exterior walls of your building, acrylic stucco is the way to go. Acrylic stucco isn’t just modern, but it is also lighter than previously used materials and best suited for the harsh weather of Edmonton. Moreover, going with this product offers you a broad range of flexible designs and colors to choose from.


What is Stucco and How is it Made?

Known for its toughness and durability, stucco is applied to very hard indoor and outdoor surfaces of a building. Its original name is Portland Cement Plaster. For anyone looking for a cost-effective building exterior material that is also low-maintenance, stucco is the ideal choice.

Technically, stucco is prepared from Portland cement material, sand, and water, all of which are mixed together. The raw materials used to make the stucco plaster may vary as per the need and preferences. Today, stucco is prepared using acrylics. This type of stucco isn’t just low-cost, but it is also strong and extremely durable. When going with acrylic stucco, home and property owners get the liberty to choose from an array of color options and design patterns.

Building stucco contractors can prepare the acrylic stucco and add to it various types of pigments exactly as per the needs of homeowners. One key distinction between the traditional stucco and acrylic stucco is that the latter contains acrylic compounds in the top layer. Apart from being easy to maintain, the acrylic stucco exterior is also resistant to fire and known for color retention.

How We Install Your Acrylic Stucco Finish

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The acrylic stucco has three layers. The purpose of the first layer is to provide structural support to the exterior. Here, the professional applies the plaster material to a wire mesh. The second layer is called the brown coat. But installing all three layers requires skills and expertise.

At CesConstruction, we have multiple years of experience in effectively installing all three acrylic stucco layers. After the first and the second layer have been installed, it is finally time for the chosen pigment to be mixed. As per your choice, our stucco installers will mix the chosen pigment to prepare the plaster material for the third layer. At this stage, the most important application criteria is controlled temperature. If the third layer is applied at the wrong temperature or under the wrong conditions, the installation will fail to have the desired outcome.

The use of acrylic stucco material eliminates the common problem of cracking exterior surfaces during harsh weather. The acrylic polymer coating is well-known for its quality to expand as well as contract. As a result of this, exteriors that have acrylic stucco finish don’t crack or get damaged.

When installing the acrylic stucco to the exterior walls of a building, breathability is yet another important factor. Our professionals are quite well-versed with installing acrylic finish products in the correct manner. We employ an EIFS wall cladding system to allow the stucco to breathe. When stucco has adequate ventilation, the exterior wall finish stays dry as well as strong.

Let Our Experts Install Your Acrylic Stucco Finish

For professional acrylic stucco finish installation to the exterior walls and apartment complex buildings, reach out to highly skilled stucco installers at CesConstruction. Located in Edmonton, we work with a range of builders, general contractors, architects, and design engineers to offer ideal solutions.


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