Acrylic Stucco

Traditionally building exteriors had a cement system consisting of a few layers applied to create the exterior finish. Acrylic finish has become the preferred finishing layer on building exteriors.

Technical Services Information Bureau, Technical Bulletin, Jan 2008 issue 60.120 (download from source, alternate download link). Stucco vs. Acrylic FinishRead this article which sufficiently compares traditional succo to acrylic stucco (in the article it is referred to as an acrylic finish.acrylic

What is Stucco?

Aggregate + Binder + Water

It’s applied wet and drys to a very hard surface. It is technically a form of plaster formerly made from cement, and now often made from acrylics. It affords us a lot of design flexibility with the various colour options that we have as well as the materials that it can be applied to.

It works very well with foam and other types of moulding materials. It is an attractive and low maintenance, fire resistant sheathing.

Unlike traditional stucco which was made from portland cement, sand, lime and water (cement), modern stucco has an acrylic compound in the top layer.  Essentially their are three layers. The first layer is a scratch coat where the material is applied to a wire mesh for structural support.  The second layer is called a brown coat.  Now all layers need to be applied at a controlled temperature and this is where experience and expertise comes into play.

We have the experience required to control the temperature and conditions at which stucco is applied.

The third layer caries the colour pigment. The acrylic polymer coating expands and contracts more than other finishing surfaces which greatly reduces cracking and damage especially in harsh climates.

In a nutshell carefully installed acrylic stucco is versatile and colorful. Paired with our EIFS wall systems its a cost-effective wall cladding system for all construction projects.

You have to let stucco breathe. An EIFS wall cladding systems is also a pressure equalized panel system that provides adequate air ventilation for a dry, safe wall.

The Globe and Mail, Home & Design, Sep 2008 Website Article (download from source, alternate download link). Mike Holmes talks about the importance of stucco ventilation.

Trust CesCon to expertly install your acrylic stucco finish at just the right temperature and edge it properly so that it can effectively breath.

Explanation of Stucco